Traveling the world is definitely on everyone’s to-do list, but what we all often forget to take into account is the shortcomings of traveling. Since you’ll be on your own in a land of strangers, there are certain things no one warns you about.

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Here are few things that need your attention:

1. First Aid Technology

Whether you’re traveling short or long term, you would always be needing these few things I like to call first aid technology: namely your earplugs, power bank and a handy anti-theft waist bag to keep these in. Listen to music to experience the beauty of nature and escape the hustle and bustle of metro areas with your own background music.

Since you never know how long you’ll be staying out or whether you’ll be able to find a charging slot out there that your charger fits in, it’s always advisable to carry your power bank with you. Lastly, the travel pouch is best suited to carry essentials, for times you don’t feel like carrying a bigger bag. That includes your passport, IDs, cash and credit cards, and of course your earplugs and power bank.

2. Protect your Belongings

When you’re busy capturing nature at its best and experiencing things at a whole new level, don’t forget to keep your belongings safe. The belongings include both the ones that you are carrying and the ones you leave at home.

As advised earlier, try and keep every valuable and important item with you as you head out of the hotel room. As far as your belongings at home are concerned, you can always rent out a storage facility near home so that you can be at ease while you travel, without having to worry about your belongings back home. I always use Dallas Storage Units when I am traveling for a longer period of time.

3. Get a Local Sim for Internet Access

While some travelers suggest that you don’t waste money on getting a sim connection for a trip that is only to last a few days or weeks, you need to understand that its the 21st century we’re living in an era of google maps and language translation apps.

While you may have Wi-fi access at your hotel/flat/hostel, you will need internet access for figuring out routes via Google maps or other navigation apps.

Similarly, language may be a barrier when you’re traveling to far off locations where a common language is not spoken or understood. Translating your native language to theirs has never been easier – thanks to apps like Google translate. Therefore getting a connection is never an overhead cost and always comes in handy.

4. Wake up Early to Catch the Best Views

While nightlife attractions are common, you’d be surprised to know that the best time to set out when traveling is early morning. Undoubtedly, it is the most serene time of the day, with the birds chirping and dewy grass beneath the blossoming flowers.

Any nature lover would agree with us. You can also get the best photos at sunrise and experience the city wake up. If you’re not a crowd lover, then this is the best time for you to leave the bed and head out.

5. Embrace the adventure

One thing that you will need to accept as you travel is that traveling tests patience. If you’re short-tempered and get frustrated over petty issues, traveling will teach you a lot.

Not everything goes your way but you do figure out ways and creative solutions and definitely improve your problem-solving skills.

You might not get the best food, or a comfortable sleep, the weather may tire you out, and not every picture may be post-able, but what’s important is that you learn to love the adventure and embrace every challenge with passion and patience. Most importantly, remember what made you choose your adventure; take a look at these quotes that will get your wanderlust firing.

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