Indonesia alone consists of 17,000 islands. Although at the mention of Indonesia, everyone thinks about Bali but Bali is not all there is to Indonesia. There is so much more that makes Indonesia a must-visit desination!

This article will discuss the top ten activities and attractions that will make you want to visit Indonesia. When you eventually do go, you might even want to stay longer than planned.

The Komodo Dragons

The Komodo Dragons, which are the largest lizards in the world, are kept in The Komodo National Park. This park is one of the best tourist attraction sites in Indonesia and it is named after its residents, the Komodo Dragons.

Komodo Dragon

These dragons are the closest creatures to Dinosaurs in today’s world and they make tourists visit the park in droves. Indonesia is home to thousands of these beautiful creatures which is one of the many reasons you need to add Indonesia to your bucket list! These creatures are quite dangerous as they have eaten people in the past so on your visit, be sure you’re with a few park rangers so you can be protected while you view this creature live.


If you’re a lover of scuba diving and snorkeling, Indonesia is the place for to go.

Snorkeling Indonesia

Either as a beginner or an expert, you will definitely find a place with all the gear and trips catering to your scuba wishlist. 20% of the world’s coral reefs are located in Indonesia so you’d be silly to visit Indonesia without taking to the water.

Coffee and Food

You can tour through Indonesia for many days and eat something different every meal time. Indonesia dishes are that versatile. You can eat foods like satay (lamb or chicken skewers), guides (boiled young jackfruit served alongside rice, chicken and sambal sauce) amongst others.

Market Indonesia

A large amount of the world’s coffee is also produced in Indonesia so you’ll definitely get your coffee kick there. The Kopi Luwak is also something to look out for. This is a unique type of coffee made by using coffee beans that have passed through civet cats. This is a quite expensive coffee and it is very common.


You will find bananas almost everywhere you go because Indonesia is one of the top banana producers in the world.

Banana Indonesia

Bananas are almost always included in breakfasts or desserts and are usually served in a diverse number of ways. You should try the banana fritters called Pisang Goreng, which are available in most roadside shops.


Existing since the 9th century, the largest Buddhist Temple in the world is Borobudur, located in Java. There are more than 500 Buddha statues and 2000 relief panels which make the temple a wonderful sight to behold.

Buddha Temple

If you want to visit the temple during your visit to Indonesia, make sure you go in the morning because it is usually crowded during the day. One of the best locations to observe the sunrise is the Setumbu Hill. The view is magical and you’ll see the two volcanoes and the mist over Borobudur clear slowly in the morning.

Mount Bromo and other Volcanoes

Indonesia is home to some very active volcanic and has about 150 volcanoes.

Volcano in Indonesia

A visit to Indonesia will have you experiencing some of the most gorgeous sunsets you have ever seen in your entire life.  Especially the sunset from Mount Penanjakan which overlooks the well-known Mountain Bromo Volcano. To reach the top of Mt. Bromo, you have to climb some steep streets and steps which can be tiring but it is well worth the climb.


With about 17,000 islands, Indonesia has some of the best beaches in the world.

Beaches in Indo

If you enjoy water sports or simply love lazing around on the beach, you should be on the next flight to Indonesia. There are some great options like the Kuta beach in Bali or the Pink Beach in the Komodo Islands amongst others.

The People of Indonesia

You cannot visit a place and not experience its people. Indonesians are really friendly and are willing to give you the very best smiles you will be getting anywhere in the world.

Indo kids

They are also very proud of their culture, food, history, wildlife and other attractions and love sharing them with tourists. So be prepared to relate to the people of Indonesian because they are always happy to receive visitors and tourists alike.


Indonesia is one of the three countries occupying the Island of Borneo.


The other countries are Brunei and Malaysia. In the rainforest of Borneo, there are wild orangutans all over which can be easily seen by taking a Klotok boat down the Sekonyer River to the Camp Leakey Orangutan Rehabilitation reserve in Tanjung Putting National Park.

Spas and relaxation

You cannot be in Indonesia and not try out some of the best and most diverse spa treatments in the world.

Spas and relaxation

Spa treatments ranging from Seaweed wraps, aromatherapy, fish spas etc. can be found in Indonesia. You can easily get any of these at your hotel or on the beach while you enjoy the good life. What is better than getting a spa treatment while relaxing at the same time? Doing it in Indonesia!

So before your next visit to Indonesia, be prepared to have your heart and mind opened to the beauty of the country and its people. The country is home to a lot of activities, so be ready to dive straight into the unique Indonesian culture.

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