Switzerland is one of the most beautiful places on earth to visit. It might not be as big as most of your destinations but it is packed with loads of sights, sounds, and activities. If you are still planning on planning a trip, you’re in luck. Switzerland offers an assortment. It’s almost like eating and drinking is a national pastime of Switzerland so you will be spoiled for choice when in Switzerland. From fine dining restaurants to tiny home diners to artisanal breweries, be prepared to experience an adventure that is unrivaled in its cultural diversity and natural landscape.

Another famous feature of Switzerland that makes it so easy to navigate is its renowned public transport system bring everything from the Alps to museums to your doorstep.

Here is a guide to what to eat when in Switzerland, your best options for accommodation and some things that must do on your to-do list.

Where to Sleep

There are many sleeping options that are available to you depending on your budget. Here are the broad categories of where to sleep in Switzerland.


These range from luxury villas with a view of the Alps to convenient hotels close to public transport stations. You can get a lot of low budget hotels that will still give you a very warm and homely feeling that greatly belies their price. This is courtesy of the amazing hospitality of the Swiss. You can find most good hotels online with plenty of reviews to help you make up your mind. Hotel Villa Honegg is one of the most popular options at the moment and if you would love to stay in a real-life castle for Eur200,



This is a cheaper option for most people nowadays. You can rent a full apartment or chalet for the days you want and self-cater. If you don’t mind cooking by yourself and won’t miss room service. You can also have a catering and cleaning option in some apartments so you can also have the full accompaniments of a hotel at half the cost.



There are many campsites spread throughout Switzerland that offer both spaces for your mobile home and tents but also offer rentals for small chalets and RVs or mobile homes. Do some research to find one close to your itinerary.


What to Eat in Switzerland

From fine dining restaurants to home-cooked meals, Switzerland has it all. Here are some of the best restaurants to eat in Switzerland for you to enjoy some of the best food that the country has to offer.

Altes Tramdepot

This restaurant is close to the Bern’s Old Town and the scenic Aare river. You will find here a beer garden with a wide assortment of beer options and the menu also has a lot to offer from sausages to bacon. You should also try some of the spatzli dishes which is local Swiss pasta. They also offer Asian and French cuisine.

Della Casa

The Della Casa is named after one of the biggest attractions of Bern. This restaurant has been open since 1892 and offers authentic Swiss dishes with a scenic city view. Their selection of Swiss wines and regional favorites like Bratwurst and veal liver are to die for. A trip to the Bern City Centre is incomplete with local food from one of the best restaurants.


This Michelin star restaurant is the perfect definition of fine dining. It specializes in European cuisine using completely freshly grown and natural ingredients, the Meridiano is worth its price. The menu is frequently updated according to the season and you can enjoy the panoramic views of the Bernese Alps while you eat.


La Taqueria

This restaurant is the best spot for fresh and genuine Mexican food in Zurich with a Swiss twist on some items on the menu. La Taqueria gets its tortillas fresh rather than commercial ones. They also have the biggest assortment of Mexican drinks in Switzerland.


What to do in Switzerland

Eat loads of Swiss cheese

One of the most popular staples of Switzerland is its cheese. One of the most interesting this you can do when in Switzerland is to try to eat as many delicious cheeses as you can. From picnics to fancy restaurants, there is a wide variety of alpine cheese that you can get away with never eating the same one twice during your entire trip

Go on a chocolate tour

Lausanne is one of the top choices for a chocolate-making workshop in Switzerland. Interlaken is also a fantastic option. You can find a café that will take you on a sweet journey on how chocolate is made. Spend all day mixing and creating your own chocolate, the best part is eating it when you’re done.


Go wine tasting in Lugano

Some of the prettiest vineyards in the world are at Lugano and some are even UNESCO World Heritage sites in Vevey. Taste some of the best locally made bottles of wine in the Swiss regions and enjoy the view while you’re at it. The Refolo Brut is an excellent choice for you to try.

Take a cruise on the River Rhine

Spend a morning cruising down the popular River Rhine. From Schaffhausen, you can go on a magical cruise that takes you on sights of Switzerland and Germany on alternate sites. Some of the villages are just quaint and you’ll fall in love with the beauty and serenity of the river cruise.


Go down the mountain in a cable car

One of the most interesting things to do when in Switzerland is riding a cable car from the top of the Swiss Alps from Mount Rigi in Lucerne to the lakeside in Weggis. Switzerland also has the world’s first revolving cable car which gives you a 360-degree view of the mountainside.


Take pictures with the world’s most popular cows

Swiss chocolates are popular thanks to their cream made from the cows with the reputation of being the happiest in the world. You will find them all over the hills and the fields with their adorable cow bells. If you are lucky, you’ll get a chance to take a selfie with these beauties.


Ride Europe’s biggest waterfall

The Rhine Falls are the biggest in Europe. A boat from Schaffhausen will take you through a breath-taking tour of the waterfalls. There is also an Old Town which you can tour. It is particularly famous for having no cars in the town.

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