Homestay, surfing, unspoiled nature – become local in South Africa

When I travel I usually go to off the beaten track destinations. I enjoy mingling with the locals especially in places that are still unspoiled and mostly untouched. I strongly believe this is the only way of getting to know the country, the people and their culture.

Most of the time I travel by myself or with like-minded friends as I find that tour operators offering tours that fit my travel philosophy are rare. Fortunately, I found one South African operator that shares the same passion and took me on a unique cultural experience – the trip of my lifetime.

We stopped at the most incredible places South Africa has on offer. One of them was Coffee Bay. Located in the Eastern Cape, a region that is called Transkei. Interesting fact,  Coffee Bay is Xhosa area. The Xhosa tribe are South Africa´s second largest ethnic group and they have lived here for centuries. Getting off the tarred road I realized Coffee Bay is one of South Africa’s least spoiled regions. It kept it´s rural charm and that’s what makes this piece of Earth even more beautiful.

For those that have heard of “African time” – Coffee Bay is one destination where you actually get to live that. First thing I did in our hostel: took off my shoes, jumped into the hammock and chilled to the sounds of Bob Marley. Time seems to stand still in Coffee Bay.

The next day we went on one of the most amazing hikes I have ever done: The Hole in the Wall Hike. Besides the beautiful landscape of the “Wild Coast of South Africa” what makes this hike outstanding is the natural environment you are in: curious barefoot kids joining your hike, woman doing laundry in the river and cows, dogs and goats crossing your path. It was magical.

Exhausted but enriched with unforgettable memories we got back to our hostel where we were welcomed with free mussels freshly plucked by a local fisherman.

The next day some of our group went surfing, others just chilled on the beach and some joined me for an overnight stay experience with a traditional Xhosa family.


I strongly believe that you can only get to know a country when meeting its locals. What will enhance this experience is a homestay. I have done homestays before but this one in Coffee Bay was really something special. We stayed with a family in a Xhosa hut, cooked a traditional Xhosa dish and learned about their everyday life, culture, and traditions. It was one of the best cultural experiences I have ever had.

Do you enjoy becoming local when traveling too? Then this 21 days South Africa tour (which can be split in 3 x 1 week) is going to be the adventure of your lifetime. Check out the full itinerary here.

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