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Traveling Safely in South Africa

How to Travel Safely in South Africa: Planes, Trains, and Buses When I arrived in Johannesburg – or Jo’burg as the locals call it – it was a touch overwhelming. It was a huge city that seemed to sprawl on forever. But the disconcerting aspect of South Africa in general […]


Travel Destinations for Wine Lovers

If you are tired of always drinking chilled wine from your wine refrigerator, it’s time you travel to a vineyard taste some fresh wine. What makes a vineyard an ideal vacation spot? Superb taste, a spectacular scenery, fresh served food, all of this topped with a luxurious stay that in […]


The 8 best restaurants you must visit in Santa Monica

California is known for its sunny weather and breezy beaches as well as the birthplace of Hollywood. Because California is home to big tourist cities like Santa Monica, it is also home to tons of restaurants that can satisfy the taste buds of virtually any traveler. If you find yourself […]