Top Ten Unmissable Attractions in Palm Springs

Palm Springs, located in the Colorado Desert, is an extremely popular winter vacation spot, known for its sunny weather, excellent golf courses, exquisite dining, shopping, museums, and above all affording exceptional opportunities to explore the numerous surrounding canyons and mountains. Tourists, mostly Americans, head here in large numbers to enjoy […]


South Africa’s Best Wine Farms

There are many brilliant and beautiful wine farms across the country, offering visitors the most spectacular South African wine experience. Vergelegen Found in the heart of Somerset West, Vergelegen Wine Farm not only has history on it’s side, but calibre. With some of the best wines in the country, Vergelegen […]


Things to do in the Bahamas | The Ultimate Guide

From stunning beaches to expansive golf courses, the Bahamas offer the quintessential relaxing Caribbean vacation. From gorgeous historic attractions and bustling market places to divine diving spots and hiking opportunities, the Bahamas really does have it all! Whether you’re looking for things to do with kids or you’re on the […]


5 Traveling Tips No One Tells You About

Traveling the world is definitely on everyone’s to-do list, but what we all often forget to take into account is the shortcomings of traveling. Since you’ll be on your own in a land of strangers, there are certain things no one warns you about. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. […]


The Best Of Santa Monica Food

For Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner. Blue Dasiy ⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Blue Daisy Café first opened in 2011 in Santa Monica on Wilshire location, after becoming very popular amongst the neighborhood and entire LA in general, to better serve its customers and avoid long wait Blue Daisy decided to move to a bigger […]

Backpacking, Travel

15 Things to Bring While Backpacking

If you’re anything like us, packing is the least enjoyable part of a backpacking adventure. From deciding what to take to squeezing it all in your bag, packing can be a daunting task even for the most experienced traveler. So to help make your packing experience quick, easy and effortless, […]

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Traveling Safely in South Africa

How to Travel Safely in South Africa: Planes, Trains, and Buses When I arrived in Johannesburg – or Jo’burg as the locals call it – it was a touch overwhelming. It was a huge city that seemed to sprawl on forever. But the disconcerting aspect of South Africa in general […]


Travel Destinations for Wine Lovers

If you are tired of always drinking chilled wine from your wine refrigerator, it’s time you travel to a vineyard taste some fresh wine. What makes a vineyard an ideal vacation spot? Superb taste, a spectacular scenery, fresh served food, all of this topped with a luxurious stay that in […]