It’s well known: the working week in Paris is intense and exhausting. So, when the weekend arrives, Parisians slow down and meet friends and family to enjoy something a little more relaxed. What better than a lazy Sunday morning to recuperate after a little Saturday Night Fever? And a little gossip over brunch between friends makes the perfect excuse to go out and re-energize. Thankfully, we know the best brunch in Paris and now it’s at your fingertips!

At brunch, everything allowed. Sweet or savory – there’s something for every taste. Cakes, eggs, toast, pies, cereal, cheese, coffee, smoothies… and the goal? To store all the calories possible before having dinner.

So on the journey for the best brunch in Paris, here are the top ten best places in the city to eat like a pig:

Le Loir Dans La Théière

Every Saturday and Sunday between 9:30am and 14:30pm, this tea house offers a journey to Alice in Wonderland: distinctive pastries, tasty quiches, mixed salads and a huge variety of cakes with bright colors and crazy toppings just like in the book of Lewis Carroll. An experience in a cosy and last century atmosphere. And all you can eat for 20 euros! Who’s complaining? Not us.

La Salle à Manger

By far the best plan for small budgets. Situated on Rue Mouffetard, this old boulangerie has renovated its selection of high quality and organic products. A brunch for 22 euros, a breakfast for 9 euros and they’re plentiful. You’re definitely won’t starve with this kind of breakfast. Perfect before having a promenade down the street.


Nanashi is trendy brunch at its finest. The canteen is very popular amongst the people in the Marais Quarter and those who work in fashion. What you find here is the kind of menu you’d find in a restaurant: vegetables with seaweed salad, high-quality salmon, scrambled eggs… all in a Japanese atmosphere. Extra fresh energy juice, vegan burgers (a must!). It’s often full so you should make a reservation. Be aware that the price is not for every budget.

Les Bonnes Soeurs

Located in the district of Marais, Vosges square, where you can enjoy a really fun and cosy atmosphere. Old tables, pictures of nuns, an atmosphere very quiet and funny that make you feel like you are back in school with your friends: Bread with chocolate, toast with butter, marmalade or Nutella, pancakes with maple syrup and scrambled eggs with bacon. Big appetites will be satisfied here!

Le Mama Shelter

This Parisian hotel is very popular amongst locals. A very warm atmosphere which mixes perfectly with the menu. The best place to go in the winter to get a little warmer. During the summer, you can eat high-quality fish, small pizza with scrambled eggs.

La chambre aux oiseaux

A romantic walk by the St Martin canal should be followed by eating at La Chambre aux Oiseaux. It’s like being transported back to your grandma’s home. This popular pastime feeling means a reservation is required!

Breakfast in America

If you want to feel wholly American on a Sunday morning then Breakfast in America will serve this sublime sentiment on a dish. For 15 euros you’ll soon be eating delicious and creamy eggs and bacon, milky milkshakes, and the best burgers around. Don’t miss the pancakes and muffins & traditional American fare is often washed down well with an Americano. Maybe not the best brunch in Paris but certainly fun!

Le Café qui parle

Picturesque Montmartre is a must-see but it can be exhaustive. Le café qui parle will rejuvenate you with its fresh salads and homemade pies. And, in The district of Montmartre is one of the best to see but walking there can be long and exhausting. In this coffee shop, you can eat fresh salads and homemade pies. Believe me, you won’t be hungry after that !!!! In the summer you can eat outside, it is the best feeling!


If you want something refined, chic and elegant. Here you have it at Rose Bakery. It’s Parisian total. Everything is organic and scrumptious. It’s homemade, petite and you have to arrive early.

However, we all know that any brunch worth eating is one made with the good company, good food, and good vibes. Bon appetit.

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